Listening is a very important skill to learn in the teaching process. If you do not listen you will never learn. Also these textbooks seem pretty useful. [She looks at one and picks it up.] I thought you would have been intrigued by the new technology nephew.

I am! I am. There’s a lot to know, and I want to get caught up. Only, my idea of caught up doesn’t include learning about… [He leans a little closer, so he can read the words upside-down on the book she’s holding.] …positron emission topography that they don’t let me actually use.

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“Then you should probably opt for some hands on learning. What’re you studying?”

Biology. There are labs, but they’re — they’re useless. Microscopes and data charts, and points off if you forget to label correctly. I guess I just thought a medical path would be less arbitrary.



I was just in the middle of the ocean, okay? The OCEAN. I just…there is no way I am back. I can’t be back. I really can’t.


You were in the ocean. …You were on a — boat? Is boat the right answer?

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Love, I distinctly remember the old schools using lectures as well.

And if I had relied on the old schools to teach me, I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as good. 

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[sighs, shifting her books in her arms] I hate going through this, I already know it all, I am the goddess of Childbirth. The fact that I have to go through this much school just for midwifery is insane. I just want to help birth babies.


Yeah, “I’m a god, I promise” isn’t getting me into any emergency rooms, either. An institution, maybe, but…

[He shakes his head to clear the thought before it gets any worse. There haven’t been any real slip-ups since he woke up with a heartbeat, but that doesn’t mean his pride isn’t shaking the jail cell bars.] You and I — we need real world application. Not pedantry and pop quizzes.

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You too? What’re you in for?



I was aiming for paramedic — couple-year program at most — but now even that feels like too long. 

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These classes are starting to feel like a waste of time. Lecture halls? Textbooks? This isn’t learning, it’s listening.

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residence || prompt #2


Mortality didn’t come with a bank account. Asclepius has classes to pay for, and groceries, and a cat he probably shouldn’t have rescued from the parking lot. So although he lives in the Skia building, and does not have a roommate, he can’t afford much more than a small studio apartment. 

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Apollo (left) and his son Asclepius (seated), with the wise centaur Chiron, Asclepius’ tutor, between them. Fresco from VI Insula Occidentalis 10 at Pompeii, now in the National Archaeological Museum, Naples. 

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Got stuck in the rain today.  It was rather refreshing.

And rejuvenating! Rainwater is so, so good for growth. I think that’s why my sage keeps dying out — too many chemicals in the stuff from the sink. 

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